Course - ChatGPT and Google Gemini for Beginners - Videos and PDF files

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Unleash the Power of ChatGPT & Google Gemini: Become a Master in Just One Course!

AI Tools ChatGPT and Google Gemini are becoming part of our Lives. They can be useful for our daily activities and for improving our career growth and business development.

This course will be useful for beginners who want to know about ChatGPT and Google Gemini. It includes a recorded video showing details about usage of ChatGPT and Gemini, and a few PDF files giving detailed information about prompt engineering. And, you will get a PDF file listing MCQ Quiz questions for testing your knowledge in chatGPT and Gemini.

This Course includes the things mentioned below.

  • Prompt engineering -pdf file (76 pages)
  • Unlocking Google Gemini -pdf file (48 pages)
  • Explaining ChatGPT and Gemini with Demo - Video (32 minutes)
  • Best Practices and Tips for Using ChatGPT and Gemini. - Video (4 minutes)
  • MCQ Quiz for testing your knowledge about ChatGPT and Gemini - pdf file (3 pages)
  • Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning - Video (4 minutes)
  • ChatGPT vs Gemini - Video (4:30 minutes)
  • Sample Conversation with ChatGPT app - Video (5:50 minutes)
  • Google AI Studio Overview - Video (7:35 minutes)
  • Creating Quiz using Google Gemini - Video (6:25 minutes)
  • Use Google Gemini to earn money online - Video (19:50 minutes)
  • Twitter Promotion using Google Gemini - Video (12:00 minutes)
  • Creating a Simple Web App using Google Gemini API - Video (8:09 minutes)
  • Customizing ChatGPT - Video (7:32 minutes)
  • What Are AI Hallucinations? - Video (4:28 minutes)
  • Use both Gemini and chatGPT together to get maximum benefits - Video (7:10 minutes)
  • Prompt Gmail/Docs/Drive with Google Gemini - Video (6:25 minutes)
  • Tuning Google Gemini web app’s responses - Video (1:58 minutes)

Watch below the sample Lecture Video.

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Videos and PDF files teaching ChatGPT and Google Gemini

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Course - ChatGPT and Google Gemini for Beginners - Videos and PDF files

2 ratings
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